13 January 2011

Google Translates in Real Time!

Made only for android phones, Google's great innovation of translations now functions in real time! In other words, your input is your voice in one language and the output is another person speaking in another language of your voice. The innovation is ground breaking (albeit, old news) because it attacks two major technological challenges accurate translations and sound analyzing. My mobile phone can't never call the correct person based on what I say over the phone and translation software cannot account for context or grammar.

If the android application is anything like Google's current online application Google Translate, then the android application has the potential kill the interpretor's industry. Any one can potentially understand the basic data of your conversation by using this software. Also, if the output voice is anything like Google Translate (where it actually sounds like a human being), then Google will have created a tool that is vital to every traveler from every country.

INPUT: You Voice in Lanuage X

OUTPUT: Language X translated into Language Y

12 January 2011

The Hilarity of James Van Der Beek

Listening to NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour, I finally was able to find and figure out all the GIFs of James Van Der Beek that I've been seeing all over Tumblr. Known mostly as Dawson from the popular late 90s show Dawson's Creek, James Van Der Beek created a brilliant minor campaign on Funny or Die with a website of his expression filled memes.

This is the meme that started it all, from the last episode of season 3 of Dawson's Creek (according to Linda Holmes of NPR's Monkey See). This is a great instance where a celebrity takes a joke about himself so well and made it even BETTER.

11 January 2011

Favorite Music Video Discoveries of 2010

I'm going off of my facebook and youtube for this list, mainly what I have posted. So though some of these videos did NOT come out in 2010... I did discover them in 2010.

I mainly discover these through random top 10 lists by googling OR Infomania's Serigo's White Top 5. The order of this list is the order of most recently discovered, NOT an order of my favorites...

1. Hollerado - AMERICANARAMA

This music video reminds me of the good old days of Youtube. I'm trying to avoid to not sound like a snob... but I hate the new format of Youtube as well as the lack of the great content it use to have. Or perhaps to me it's just harder to find. It feels that youtube turned into an internet's version of America's Most Funniest Video. It use to be a breeding ground for clever ideas with excellent execution, and now it just feels like a place for decent commentary and blooper reels.

2. Hot Chip - I Feel Better

I just love the pure randomness of this Hot Chip video. I think I recognize the guy at the end of the video as the Guinness World Record holder of the most centimeters... in regards to eyes poppin' out. Either way, it's a catchy song!

3. Dan Black - Symphonies

I rewatched Easy A with my friend Erika, and I realized that this song was part of the soundtrack and I was so excited for no reason in particular. This is one of those cases where I love the song because of the music video. I really do. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes (just sometimes) the video really sells the song for me.

4. Truman- Girl With A Pearl Earring

Alright, so I didn't discover this one this year. But it was posted on my facebook this year, and keeping with the rules of this list I must put it on here. I watched the movie and looked in the extras and found this song. Weirdly enough I cannot find it ANYWHERE to download, believe me I've tried for quite sometime. It's one of those songs where I'm like... OH YEAH I want that song every year and then I spend a day looking for it until I realize that I've done this a year ago.

Then I sigh and loop this video for a whole day.

The movie was alright if you like Colin Firth acting a bit creepy and Scarlett Johansson playing her usual innocent home wrecker role. The book was great and didn't make me hate the main girl... The music video is mediocre but for some strange reason I LOVE the song.

5. The Black Keys - Tighten Up

There's a lot of music videos with little kids lip syncing to the music and when done well, it's great! Other than Cee Lo Green's Fuck You video, The Black Keys utilized this idea and through great execution came out with this video.

6. Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chords

When I pick up my brother from school, we would always sing this song from beginning to end. It's spectacular. It reminds me of an old popular video on youtube by comedian Rob Paravonian (a personal favorite) called Pachelbel Rant. It's technically the same four chords as Axis of Awesome, it's just Axis of Awesome condensed as many songs as they could that uses these four chords. You don't have to be a music nerd to appreciate this. :D