09 August 2011

Project Inspiration: Scarves

Inspired Project 1: Simple wrap scarf

Inspired Project 2: Braided Scarf

Inspired Project 3: No sew, scarf

Hurdle? Sewing.

My mortal enemy that will not be conquered by a hot glue gun alone. I've avoided sewing for as long as I can by knitting scarves before trying to make cloth ones. But recently my affinity for circular scarves has gotten me to the point of DIY obsession. I am therefore determined to simplify my entrance into sewing by setting up simple projects.

The major assumption on my part is that sewing in a straight line will be simple.

And if I can conquer this then I will move on to hood scarf!

Inspiration Project 4-6: Mixing grays with colors and lace. MUST DO! There are no tutorials for these but they sure look awesome!

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