09 August 2011

Photo Idea: Couples Kissing

Pictures of kissing couples is a strange balance between cute and borderline trashy. So after some pinning on Pinterest I've found some ideas that take the intimacy of kissing and expands it to a cute yet charming photo. I guess the general rule of thumb is to have on clothing on, maintain distance, and avoid tongue. If you need macro to take this picture you are probably too close. So here are some ideas that I've found that are fantastic for couple and wedding photography:

Idea I Angle manipulation: Angles are a very great consideration in taking unique photos in great background.

Of course, standing on that log above murky waters does not seem like an ideal situation and I don't even know what tree the photographer was on. An easier solution to trying out new angles and utilizing stairs as a starting point and then graduating to climbing trees.

You may not see the full faces of the people in these pictures, but it gives you the advantage of capturing an intimate moment and still keeping it private.

Idea II Unique locations: Simple enough, but it seems like quite the adventure to find the location and timing.

I mean how often do you really find abandon piano and rusted cars in the the middle of some mystic scenery? Luckily enough I live around some corn fields and winter brews around quite frequently and heavily where I live, so it takes care of lighting and unique atmosphere.

Idea III Holding props: Balanced, quirky, and unique plus this direct look at couples kissing but blurred or distance with distance. In my humble opinion, these look great for wedding invites or portraits for the home.

Some objects that I would consider would be mementos from prior dates and common hobbies. The background in these types of photos seem pretty basic, but the result is pretty effective!

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