25 August 2011

Personal Favorite: Range Rover

From watching endless amount of Top Gear and an attempt to understand cars and adorn myself in British humor, I've come to the conclusion that Land Rover Range Rover is my dream car. It's not glamorous by any means but it's their highest rated car: functional and brilliant.

Not only that, I've sat in one at San Francisco car show and loved it!

They are no means cheap: starting at $48,500...

According to Top Gear: "If the Rolls-Royce Phantom was an off-roader, then this is pretty much what it would look like. Motoring royalty, and one of the best things about life in general."


Side track:

I feel I can confidently "cruise"* in this without being gaudy. Unfortunately, this car doesn't come in a dark grey, but I think I can pull off my dream look: subtly pimpin'.

*I hate cruising, it's a complete waste of resources, money, and time. You might as well as watch someone shredding your money. I just don't understand how one can successfully get laid while cruising, it just seems so predatory. Of course, this is strictly speaking of cruising in the Mid West. But I guess it's better to say that you met your girlfriend cruising the streets for a party than at WalMart. THAT'S RIGHT AMBER from Teen Mom, I'm talking to you.

Trashy just got upgraded to another level. Creepin' at the Walmart is the new after school activity: pick up dates, buy condoms, pregnancy tests, and diapers all at one convenient location.


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